Briargate SIMD


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the organization responsible for this site?

The Briargate SIMD Planning Team consists of volunteers living in the district. The team is providing this website as a resource for public outreach and engagement. The team is not affiliated with the City of Colorado Springs, City Council, or any other governmental agency.

What is the purpose of this site?

This purpose of this website is to provide information to the taxpayers and residents of the Briargate SIMD concerning the current status regarding the funding of the common areas that are maintained by the city. The Briargate SIMD is unique in that it does tax all the homeowners in the district for landscape maintenance.

What are you asking for residents to do?

We are asking residents and homeowners to become informed of the issues that face the Briargate SIMD. It is unique in that not all homeowners are taxed even though their properties are within the district. Also the district is forecasting funding shortfalls to cover maintenance and landscaping.

What is a GID?

A General Improvement District (GID) is the current way to create a maintenance district under state statute. It differs from the now-obsolete SIMD mechanism. Unlike the SIMD, a GID ensures the geographic boundaries for maintenance is the same as the property tax boundaries. Forming a GID is one of the options for replacing the SIMD.

Does the Briargate SIMD have debt?

No, the Briargate SIMD does not have debt or issue bonds. You may have heard that other “special districts” have financial problems concerning the issuance of debt. The Briargate SIMD is a “pay as you go” model for landscape maintenance only.